Long days, golden light

In the winter, we have lots of snow and temperatures as low as -40°C. But what does Lapland have to offer in the summer? Unique light, endless days, and countryside so amazing it almost overwhelms your senses. Welcome to Europe’s last wilderness!

Lapland, the land of myths

Lapland exudes mythical beauty, and promises wilderness, pure nature, and adventure. In the northernmost corner of Europe, Lapland stretches hundreds of kilometers northeastward. Nowhere in Europe is as sparsely populated as here. It’s a region of extremes, full of untamed, rough, and seemingly boundless nature. There are moors, huge forests, snow-topped mountain ranges, gigantic lakes, and rushing rivers. Animals that have become rare in other places – lynx, wolves, bears – are an integral part of Lapland’s ecosystem. With its many protected areas, Lapland is one of Europe’s most important natural environments.

Living in harmony with nature

The pace of life really is slower here and it’s more the seasons and the weather that determine our daily routines. In the comparatively short summer, we spend a lot time hiking in the mountains. On the plateaus of the fjäll, we observe snow grouse and reindeer. In the forests, we often see moose and sometimes even bears. Where the Northern Lights dance in the winter, the midnight sun now shines.

We canoe across the many lakes and along the rivers. The clear waters are rich in trout, Arctic char, perch, pike, and grayling. We go fishing frequently and we also gather the tasty fruit in the surrounding forests: cloudberries, mountain cranberries, blueberries, and wild raspberries.

The area has something almost mythical about it, as if elves and fairies are hiding behind the large rocks and boulders in the woods. The rushing of the wind and the water sounds like their music. Some of the landscapes are positively fabulous: Not far from us, for instance, you’ll find the enchanting Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve – one of the biggest nature reserves in Europe!