Ten principles – our code of ethics

Alaskan huskies need an enormous amount of exercise and have an irrepressible will to run. To offer our huskies an unrestrained, happy, and species-appropriate life, we have committed ourselves to these 10 principles:

1. The welfare of our dogs is paramount and comes before any sporting goals.

2. As members of our family and as our best friends, all dogs are treated equally and with respect. Each dog should feel that he or she is a separate individual.

3. For a happy, active, and species-appropriate life, we offer our dogs a proper balance of affection, exercise, social interaction, and rest.

4. Trust: Our dogs must be able to trust us completely – and we must be able to trust them completely, too. This is the key to harmonious coexistence and close interaction during all our activities.

5. Our modern training methods are based exclusively on positive motivation and are free from force and any kind of violence.

6. Our responsibility: No athlete should be forced to achieve more than he or she is physically or mentally capable of.

7. Variety: Our dogs don’t just get exercise during the training season. They can fully satisfy their urge for exercise on ski tours, hikes, walks, or romping around and playing together.

8. Appropriate and secure housing: In a climate that is ideal for sled dogs, our athletes live together in modern dog kennels with a large run, built to the high Swedish standards for animal welfare.

9. Optimal diet: We make no compromises when it comes to a balanced diet for our dogs. Our athletes receive the best food, produced with high-quality ingredients, as well as a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins, plus important antioxidants, all of which actively contribute to their health and welfare.

10. Our seniors: We find new and suitable homes for our older dogs or for dogs who don’t really have fun running in a group or in front of a sled. It’s important to us that they enjoy active and happy lives as pets and family members in their new environment.

Help for other dogs

Not all dogs are lucky enough to be able to lead fulfilling and species-appropriate lives. On our trips, we witnessed time and again that, even today, ethical animal welfare is by no means a given. Not only did this make us sad, it also spurred us into action. We therefore want to make a small contribution to animal welfare and a better world for dogs.

That’s why we support the work of the German animal welfare association TASSO e.V., which runs many meaningful projects, including a campaign to prevent the mass killing of Romanian street dogs. In Sweden, the work of the Hundstallet – Svenska Hundskyddsföreningen (Swedish dog welfare association) is particularly close to our hearts. For over a hundred years, the association has looked after dogs who, for many reasons, have lost their homes, and tries to place them with suitable new owners. We’re grateful to anyone who helps support the work of these organizations!

If you would like to help: Even a small contribution supports the work of these groups. And, of course, a large contribution does, too.