About Alaskan huskies

Alaskan huskies have their origins in the northern-most regions of North America – notably in Alaska. For generations, they were mainly bred to be working dogs. The criteria for breeding weren’t based on certain breed standards. Instead, they depended exclusively on what work the dogs would do. That’s how a very special category of dog came into being.

The Alaskan husky

The consistent crossing of Nordic dogs with other working dogs, such as hunting dogs, resulted in a highly efficient and hardy sled dog: Alaskan huskies are considerably faster and have more stamina than all their pure-bred Nordic relatives, for example, the Siberian husky. They have a dense coat and robust paws. For races, it’s also important for them to be good eaters and drinkers, even if they’re sometimes a little tired.

Clever & tough

Alaskan huskies are highly intelligent dogs and respond well to training. Despite being super-energetic, they’re sociable and easygoing. They like people, are gentle, and are good with children. But they’re also ingenious and have a mind and will of their own, which means training them takes time and experience. They can look very different – they may have blue eyes, but yellow or brown are just as common. Some Alaskan huskies look like typical sled dogs, with lots of fur and ears that stand up. Some look more like hunting dogs, such as Labradors. But all Alaskan huskies have one thing in common: their incredible will to run…