1,800 kilometers of adventure

It’s the ultimate ambition of adventurers and mushers, and it’s considered the toughest race on Earth: the IDITAROD. In the coming years, we want to tackle this huge challenge and take part with our own dogs!

There are races where the frequently overused term “legendary” is actually appropriate – the Tour de France, for example, or the Dakar Rally. And certainly the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska. But while the Tour de France and Dakar Rally competitors are supported by whole teams of helpers, the mushers are on their own in the Iditarod.

The race takes mushers and their dogs right through the Alaskan wilderness, from Anchorage over the Yukon River to the Bering Sea, on a trail over 1,800 kilometers long. Participants have to be prepared for snowstorms and arctic temperatures at any time, as well as aggressive bull moose. Everything needed to survive in this extreme environment has to be taken on the sled. Just to finish this race, you need substantial experience, a whole lot of courage, and an excellently trained husky team.

Iditarod – almost the end of the world

It’s a journey across breathtaking landscapes, through a wilderness the likes of which have become rare on this planet. There are gigantic mountain ranges and frozen lakes to cross, as well as virgin forests and narrow ravines.

Along the trail, the teams only stop at small villages, which are otherwise only reachable by bush plane. These places are mainly inhabited by the indigenous peoples of the North – the native Americans, Inuit, and Yupik – whose cultures are closely linked with huskies and dog sleds as a means of transport, so the arrival of the husky teams is an absolute highlight. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for the mushers to stock up on food and fuel. And, if there’s time, the villagers give them a hot meal and a warming drink before they set off again into the vast Alaskan backcountry.

The long path to Alaska

Our big dream is to compete in this race, to cover the trail from start to finish with our own dogs. And we’re committed to making this dream come true soon! The path to the start won’t be easy. There are many challenges to be mastered. But with our belief in this dream and the strength and support of our friends and partners, we believe we can do it: to the start line in Anchorage and then right across Alaska with our husky team.